From its inception, the orchestra worked almost exclusively under the baton of its founding Musical Director, Alan Hazeldine. 

As an orchestral trainer Alan brought to the orchestra discipline and attention to detail; as a musician he brought a depth of vision into the musical world of the composer coloured by events in his own life.

Since his death in late 2008, the orchestra has begun to work with some young and talented conductors as well as with some of the more established conductors on London’s musical scene, each individual bringing to the orchestra their own unique insight and experience.

Our objective over the course of the next few years is to appoint a new Musical Director and permanent conductor to perform three to four of our regular concerts in a season.

We have included a short biography of each conductor who has worked with us.  Each biography was correct at the time the conductor last performed with us.  For more up-to-date information we suggest you visit the conductor’s personal website (we have included a link where possible) or otherwise contact the conductor directly.