How we are organised

The Corinthian Chamber Orchestra (the "Orchestra" or "CCO") is an unincorporated association formed under that name comprising its members and governed by a board of trustees (the "Trustees" or together, the "Committee").

In anticipation of registration as a charity, on 28 May 2008, the members adopted a new Constitution and new Rules of Membership.  With effect from 12 August 2008, the CCO became a UK registered charity (number 1125478).

The members

Playing with the Orchestra does not automatically confer membership.

Membership is open to any person over the age of eighteen who is a player in the Orchestra, who has played for not less than ten consecutive concerts and who demonstrates an interest in furthering the objectives of the Orchestra.  Other non-players are also eligible for membership if they demonstrate an interest in furthering the objectives of the Orchestra.

You may be invited to become a member by the Committee or alternatively you can apply in writing to the Secretary (details below).

As a member, you will be entitled to vote at general meetings of the Orchestra.  Generally, we expect to hold one general meeting a year (our annual general meeting) at which the accounts for the previous season will be presented to members for approval, and the Trustees will be either considered for re-election or new Trustees considered for appointment.  We expect this meeting to be held in December each year.  A special meeting (extraordinary general meeting) might be called, for example, if amendments are required to be made to the constitution.

Officers and Trustees

The Trustees are currently Hywel Jones (also Chairman), Nick Ridley, Suzanne Doyle (also Secretary), Catherine Whalley (also Treasurer), Claire Moisson, Charlie Brown, Andy Feist, David Carnac, Tim Crowley, Roland Anderson and Richard Knights.

No trustee is paid or receives any other benefit for being a trustee.

The Trustees meet regularly as the Committee - around seven times in a Season – together with other invited orchestra players. The Committee is entrusted with the day-to-day management and financial affairs of the Orchestra.

Day-to-day management

The Committee’s principal functions include:

  • setting the programmes for each season (including conductors and soloists).  This is normally finalised in June in each year for the following season (October to July) following soundings from players, conductors and soloists;
  • concert series management (organising venue hire, music hire, marketing and publicity, fixing players, conductor and soloist liaison etc.);
  • fund raising;
  • financial management (preparing annual and per concert budgets and financial statements, and annual reports and accounts);
  • Charity Commission compliance (including annual charity commission returns etc.).

The Committee delegates many of the organisational matters to particular Trustees and other interested players and supporters. Although management is fluid, these are the principal non-musical roles and the people who usually undertake them for the Orchestra.

Violin fixer: Suzanne Doyle
Viola fixer: Hywel Jones
Cello and bass fixer: Hywel Jones
Wind fixer: Nick Ridley
Brass fixer: Andy Feist
Trombone fixer: David Carnac
Percussion fixer: Andy Feist
Season planning dates: Suzanne Doyle
Librarian (music hire etc): Andy Feist and Catherine Whalley
Venue hire/liaison: Suzanne Doyle
Subscriptions/Gift Aid: Hywel Jones and Catherine Whalley
Concert ticket sales: Claire Moisson
Front of House: Claire Moisson [and Clare Bentall]
Stage management: Suzanne Doyle
Publicity and Marketing: Charlie Brown and Tim Crowley
Sponsorship: Charlie Brown
Conductor/soloist liaison: Suzanne Doyle
Website: Nick Ridley
Budgets/financial planning: Catherine Whalley
Charity Commission compliance: Hywel Jones